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Why ECP?

Low Student-Teacher Ratios

We keep our student/teacher ratios low so that each child can receive the attention and nurture that he/she needs during these critical early childhood years.

Quality Teachers

We hire quality teachers who have many years of experience in early childhood and who genuinely love children.  

Play-Based Education

We teach children through the use of play and hands-on experiences, as research continues to prove that this is how children learn.  We also recognize that our children will be entering a world where academic expectations are high. Thus, we are continually working to offer our children the highest quality of curriculum available.

Individualized Learning

We celebrate the differences in children and teach to their individual learning styles as we believe that we are each uniquely created by God for a special purpose.

We are a Christian school and we want children to experience the love of God and to learn His Word. We incorporate Bible stories, songs and activities that teach Biblical truths into our day. And our teachers strive to create an environment in which each child can experience God’s amazing love while they are at ECP.

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