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What We Believe

In addition to learning Bible stories and participating in weekly worship, students will experience love and grace given freely from their teachers and also practice treating other students with kindness.  During the years that your child is with us, we will teach and reinforce the following Biblical truths:


God made the world and everything in it.

  • God made me in His image.  He made me special.  He made me just the way I am.​

  • God has a plan for me.

  • God Loves me.  He loves all people.

  • God sees me wherever I am.  God protects me day and night

  • God is powerful.  He can do anything.


Our relationship with God.

  • Jesus was born on earth.  He came to live with us and show us God's love.​

  • Everyone sins and needs forgiveness.

  • Jesus died for us.  He takes away our sin and makes our hearts clean.

  • Jesus is our best friend.  He wants us to love Him and is always there for us.

  • We can ask Jesus to come into our hearts and be our Savior.

  • Throughout our lives, we should always try to be more like Jesus

  • When we love Jesus and ask Him to be our Savior, we get to live with Him heaven.


Our relationship with others.


The Bible is God's Word.

  • The Bible tells us what God wants us to know and teaches us about Him.​

  • God's word is true.  It teaches us how to live.

  • Learning the Bible is important.  We should read (or listen to it) everyday.


Jesus is God's son and
our Savior.

  • God wants us to know Him and talk to him through prayer, praise and worship.​

  • God wants us to thank Him for family, friends, His provision, etc.

  • God wants us to ask for His forgiveness when we have done wrong and ask for his help with our problems/ challenges.

  • God wants us to pray for others:  sick, needy, family friends, etc.

  • God is Holy and worthy of our praise and worship.

  • We can praise with our voices by singing or talking to Him.

  • We can praise God for who He is and for what He is like.

  • God wants us to obey our parents and other authority figures.​

  • God wants us to say we are sorry when we do wrong things.

  • God wants us to show love for Him by helping others.

  • God wants us to share what we have with others.

  • God wants us to tell other people about Jesus to share the Good News

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