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Three Year Old Preschool

What is Preschool 3's?

Children at this age are rapidly gaining independence and social skills, and our curriculum is tailored to meet these needs.  Children will learn through a variety of thematic experiences in which children play in centers that are designed around our learning standards as well as participate in large group and small group activities. Classrooms are play-based, sensory rich, and very hands-on.

Who can
attend and when?

Three-year​-old Preschool is for children who are three years old by September 1st and must be potty trained.

Classes are offered Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday:  9:30am-12:15pm

**Afternoon enrichment can be added to any day that students are enrolled in a morning class, thus allowing the day to be extended until 3 pm.​


Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday:  9:30am-3pm.

What will
child learn?

Children in preschool 3's will...

  • be immersed in language through stories, songs, and finger plays that allow them to play with language and focus on hearing differences and similarities in language. 

  • build math skills through activities such as counting, sorting, graphing, shape and number recognition and problem solving. 

  • build social and emotional skills by cooperative play in centers, on the playground, and by sharing, listening, and participating during circle time. 

  • experience the joy and wonder of the natural world on our beautiful outdoor playground.

  • hear the word of God through weekly Bible Time, memory verses, prayers, and through the modeling of our teachers. 

The three-year-old preschool year is a magical time of growth and development!

ECP...  "A place where children can be children in a world that sometimes forgets the importance of childhood."
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