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Children's Day Out

What is CDO:

CDO classes are times of rich, developmentally appropriate play. Children will engage in dramatic play, sensory activities, art, stories, Bible Time, music, and outdoor play in a nurturing environment that allows children to thrive. Teachers will lovingly guide children as they work on their social and emotional development; learning to separate from parents, beginning to empathize with others, making transitions, and practicing self-control.  

Who can attend
and when?

CDO classes are or children who are one, two, and three years old by September 1st.

Classes offered twice a week on either Monday/ Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday. Children nap in the afternoon.

What will my

child learn?

Children will...

  • develop large motor skills through activities such as jumping, dancing, and playing on the playground. 

  • develop fine motor skills by playing with playdoh, puzzles, painting, and drawing.

  • develop language skills through singing, dramatic play, and listening to stories.   

  • hear the word of God through weekly Bible Time, memory verses, prayers, and through the modeling of our teachers.

  • experience the joy and wonder of the natural world on our beautiful outdoor playground.

ECP...  "A place where children can be children in a world
that sometimes forgets the importance of childhood."
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